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A Word

Headshot of an asian woman with glasses.

Alisa—Lead Project Manager

Whether I am learning from a team member, a client, or a project-related topic—I continually expand my experiences and knowledge to thrive professionally and personally.

Headshot of a white woman with blonde hair.

Terisa—Lead Visual Desiger

Not only do I resonate with the Rebel mission, I’ve always gravitated toward the values of sound research and strategy.

A firm deeply rooted in people and the things we create for them.

Leah Hacker—CEO
Labrador dog sitting on a chair Woman working at her computer, smiling and raising her left arm, cheering. Profile of a woman with her eyes closed facing left.


  1. Work from home. No commute required.

  2. Health care. Because that ish is expensive.

  3. Vacay plan. Need time? Take time. Just bring us back a t-shirt.

  4. 401(k) contribution. Even Rebels retire at some point.

  5. Paid holidays. Getting paid to celebrate? Not bad.

  6. Office closed and PTO the last week of December. Rest & Refresh.

  7. Rebel Week. One week offsite for professional and cultural development (pending global pandemics, of course).

  8. Apple technology package. What can we say, we’re on the hook for Tim Cook.

  9. Paid Parental Leave. Because raising the next Rebel is just as important as being one.


Want to work with us, not for us?

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