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iDonate is an advanced digital fundraising solution for enterprise-level nonprofit organizations. In a saturated market, surrounded by competitors offering similar solutions, iDonate finds itself face-to-face with the challenge of differentiation. Is it possible to break away from the crowd and stand out?

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Creating a narrative for a new category.


With the impending launch of version 2.0 of their product, iDonate needed a content and PR strategy that moved the platform from a software to a thought leader. But, to reach this goal, we needed to create a new category in the industry—a new way to think about fundraising technology and a message that strikes a different tone. Rebel started at ground zero. We developed a content and PR strategy focused on activating new channels and thought leadership topics.

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Becoming a thought leader.


To amplify the message of iDonate, Rebel designed and executed a multi-faceted content strategy to test what followers would react most positively towards. Using metrics, Rebel crafted an ongoing channel strategy playbook that would allow the executive team at iDonate to keep learning, keep scaling, and ultimately continue to differentiate their message over the long term.

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Public speaking.


Because people value interacting with people, not just brands, we focused on a PR strategy for iDonate's CEO. Partnered with iDonate's CEO, we armed him with all the tools he needed to feel prepared for any and all types of PR opportunities. From pitching speaking engagements at SXSW to magazine interviews and podcasts, we hit the press hard, securing as many opportunities as possible in a short three-month period. And for the record—he did great.

Ray Gary, iDonate CEO featured in Authority Magazine


  1. 31 LinkedIn articles

  2. 3 Articles pitched for media placement

  3. 3 Podcasts recorded

  4. Roadshow presentation deck

  5. Training and guides on how to move forward with LinkedIn and PR strategy

Rebel is unlike a lot of firms that give you 3-ring binders that sit on the shelf and gather dust. They’re really focused on solving the problem with actionable outcomes that you can actually put to work tomorrow.

Raymond Gary, CEO, iDonate

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