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Simpatica is a legacy.


Simpatica is one of the largest avocado growers in U.S.. As the firm scales its operations in Brazil, Simpatica reached out to Rebel for help creating a new brand. The request included creating a new brand foundation, designing a new website, investor materials, pitch decks, and templates.

Rows of avocado trees on a commercial farm.

On the move.


Simpatica is on a mission to passionately grow California’s best avocados. But, the story of how Simpatica began and its mission going forward is rooted in legacy, family, and passion. No video chats were going to capture that, so we did what we do. We went there. Rebel hopped a plane and spent time on the avocado ranches alongside the Simpatica team.

Man works in field tending to avocados.

Growing a brand.


Rolling up our sleeves and moving through a brand audit, Rebel delivered a new brand identity including core brand assets: a refined logo, primary and secondary brand colors, illustrations, fonts, and photography guidelines.

Simpatica: brand logos, colors, illustrations and other elements of the brand identity
Simpatica: brand color library
Simpatica: brand illustrations
Simpatica: brand photo library
Photo of irrigation system

88% of consumers

are happy to pay more for healthier food

Large crate of avocados ready for market

$8 billion

in predicted revenue for the U.S. avocado industry in 2023

Site is set.


The requirements for a new website were simple: it needed to convey the story and mission of Simpatica, communicate value to future partners, and provide a baseline for future brand growth. In other words, consistent, clear, and scalable.

Simpatica website screenshots
Simpatica's website screenshots
Simpatica's website screenshots
Simpatica's website screenshots

Pitch perfect.


The business of scaling international farm operations is no small task. Rebel worked closely with the Simpatica executive team to craft investor materials that clearly communicated business value and told the story of where Simpatica has been and where they are going next.

Simpatica: Selections of slides from the pitch deck produced
Close up of an avocado leave with a water droplet dripping of tip of leaf Simpatica logo Landscape view of coast Aerial shot of Avocado farm


  1. Foundational Brand Identity: logos, fonts, colors, photography, email signature

  2. New Website

  3. Investor Pitch Deck

  4. Investor Report Templates

  5. Presentation Template

  6. Supporting assets for investor conversations

  7. Forward movement in the long-term strategic priorities of Simpatica

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