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Strategies to get people moving.


New service packages. New price points. That’s what Camp Gladiator needed. Did we mention this was in the midst of COVID-19?

A group of people working out together doing a jumping exercise.
43% of people say fitness-related expenses are a regular part of their monthly budget.

Pinpointing value in a new market entry strategy.


What type of packages do people find most valuable? Before we could scale forward, we needed the answer to this question. And then we needed to create a solid pricing strategy.

Data chart showing how consumers prioritize fitness-related spending in their monthly budget.

Pivoting from in-person to online.


In 2020, we saw a market appetite for online services. Heck, most people did. Using customer insights and a scalable pricing strategy, Camp Gladiator shifted with confidence during a time of uncertainty.

A man doing sit ups with a jump rope next to him.

When did you begin using online or virtual fitness-related services?

32% of people have always used some sort of virtual or online fitness related services, while 64% of people surveyed have only done this since Covid-19 happened and 3% have never used them.

On two different pricing studies, they were able to work with our quick timelines and deliver results.

Camp Gladiator Marketing Executive

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