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The challenge.

With the recent acquisition of a managed account platform, our partners were focused on positioning this service within its umbrella of offerings. But how do they position this new service? What’s the value proposition? And, even more importantly, how does the product evolve to capture the new customer base, while keeping the current?

What we heard.

The first order of business—identify the target audience and define, from product to service, what the audience needs, where they are getting hung up in the process, and what do they find valuable about the current experience.

What we did.

We designed Rebel’s Product-Market Fit service to answer questions such as these. A three-phase mixed method approach to providing critical insights: A market analysis and segmentation study to identify the positioning and audience, perception and usage to better understand the current gaps and pain points, and product and user research to dig into potential feature sets and order of priority.

What we delivered.

We dished out all the goods—market trends, a defined and segmented audience, clear market gaps, growth opportunities, product feature priorities, and the audience needs that keep 'em hooked. We even threw in valuable perspectives on pricing structures.

We accomplished the mission and crushed the victory dance.

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