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The challenge.

On the heels of launching a new campaign to reach its target audience, this global giant needed sales content that highlighted their differentiated capabilities and communicated their new offer clearly. However, this was not just an execution exercise in building content. Stakeholders needed content that worked along the customer journey and provided multiple use cases for the sales team. Challenge accepted.

What we heard.

The brand has just completed a revamp of its brand tone and voice. Plus, there’s a new campaign designed to offer a differentiated value and drive long-term engagement with a key segment of target clients. But, the sales content the team is currently working with is outdated and their tools don’t reflect the new tone and voice. It’s more than just creating content—what’s needed is a holistic look at the sales content system.

What we did.

Through interviews with stakeholders and the sales team, we identified the overarching business goals and the “jobs to do” for the content pieces. Using a broad analysis of the competitive market to identify a differentiated positioning, we wrote and designed a new library of content to support the sales journey.

What we delivered.

Rebel delivered core sales content pieces along with a refreshed capabilities and services pitch deck, reframed with broadened offerings. Each of the pieces created reinforced the new brand tone and voice and complemented the sales journey—for both the customer and the sales team.

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