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The challenge.

As more and more of the workforce is working from home or in hybrid settings, the gap between enterprise and personal technology use is closing. People expect a consumer-grade experience when using their enterprise technology. What are the specific issues causing frustration and lack of intuitiveness? What is effective, and how can enterprise tech be improved? These questions were top of mind for Dell Technologies.

What we heard.

The broad overarching trend in enterprise software is to move towards a consumer experience. But, for this particular technology, there's an overlap in the enterprise and consumer software. Not only that, but the overlap is organized differently in each product experience. So, now the question becomes—how do we bring the two sets of functionality together in one exceptional experience?

What we did.

Through a robust set of exercises in moderated user research sessions, testers evaluated various versions of the product navigation through a series of exercises, such as card sorting, ranking exercises, and preference assessments.

What we delivered.

By using a mix of audio and video, the voices of the consumers were highlighted in a dynamic and powerful way in the final branded report. The research highlighted the recommended navigation and points of friction in the information architecture. The recommendations identified which features were clear and successful. The result was a clear path forward.

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