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The challenge.

The workplace liquidity marketplace has seen big pivots and sharp turns in the last three years. As employers navigate these shifts, new needs are emerging. For our partners, a Global Equity Solutions team, there’s a real opportunity to deliver industry expertise through thought leadership.

What we heard.

With market shifts in workplace liquidity, new market expectations, trends, and pain points exist. The pain points in workplace equity plan management directly impact the strategic decisions today’s business leaders are facing. The market needs more than advice—they need to know how to pivot and evolve and what similar companies are doing.

What we did.

Rebel conducted custom research across private and public companies, a secondary literature review on current trends and emerging market forces. In addition, we designed an end-to-end and multi-channel content strategy.

What we delivered.

The research culminated in a beautiful trend report highlighting market behavior and clear, actionable recommendations. In addition, the content strategy wasn’t just a laundry list of to-do’s. The Rebel team rolled up their sleeves and created actual content—from writing thought leadership articles to designing a trend report landing page and creating a library of promotional ads and email newsletter content. Rebel also created a 1-pager to support the boots-on-the-ground teams that connects the trend report data to our client's solutions and offerings, telling a compelling sales story.

Featured Case Studies