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The challenge.

Premium financing has always been done one way. As a result, the legacy providers in the industry have little reason to evolve. Everglades Financial intends to take a different approach—streamlining every touchpoint for an exceptional experience.

What we heard.

Launching a new brand and a legacy service in a new way, Everglades Financial is focused on delivering a new level of service in a stagnant industry. But, before launch, Everglades Financial needed a brand, a website, and a clear market positioning—one that differentiates.

What we did.

Rebel identified opportunities to differentiate through brand positioning by starting with a competitive and market analysis to identify a clear strategy and full-service branding initiative.

What we delivered.

Rebel delivered a competitive and market analysis report with recommendations on brand positioning and a completed brand—ready for implementation.

Pages from the Everglades Financial brand guidelines.
Logo explorations and brand style board.
Everglades Financial logo
Everglades Brand guide cover

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