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The New Way America Retires


In 2019, a very large, very global player in the finance industry asked us to run a product-market fit study on an age-old vertical: retirement. Over the course of two years, we’ve delivered new digital experiences, customer journeys, training videos for advisors, and go-to-market strategies. Who is this mystery client? Well, we can’t tell you that—the NDA is watertight—but here's what we can say.


Looking back to look forward.


Each of our initiatives built off the one that came before. Rooted in a mix of qualitative, quantitative, and market research, we translated insights into actionable strategies for marketing, sales, brand, and product.


The right experience at the right time.


Nearly everybody—98% of people to be exact—worries about retirement. So, saving for it should be an experience built for nearly everybody. Right? We researched what was and wasn’t working within the content strategy. We mapped the customer journey and pinpointed when, and in what format, content should be delivered. We streamlined the sales content library from 200+ pieces down to 50 targeted pieces. Turning down the noise. Providing jet fuel for the sales team.


New products come from research.


How could we inspire someone to save more within a digital experience? First, we dove deep into measurable data to lay the groundwork for valuable feature sets and scalable roadmaps. Then, with insights in hand, we designed two digital products for saving for retirement—each with a future-facing technology roadmap, hundreds of user stories, and in-product content.


The project that started it all.


In 2019, this global financial player reached out to Rebel with a challenge: understand what today’s businesses needed (and wanted) from their 401(k). So, naturally, we talked to employers and individuals. What’s missing in the market? What are the pain points? The result was data—data that informed a plan to deliver market needs. See ya, guessing games.


Outcomes Achieved

  1. 27 articles written and designed

  2. 2 digital products created with 100’s of user stories, and a forward-facing technology roadmap

  3. 4 customer journeys and 6 customer personas

  4. 12-month content strategy

  5. 2 training videos

The work we have done with Rebel has substantially differentiated our offering and increased the overall value of the firm.

Executive Director, Global Investment Firm

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