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The challenge.

Creating a differentiated voice in the legal services industry isn’t exactly easy. The market is saturated. Plus, how do you stay top of mind—so that when people need legal services, this office is the first call? All great questions. All questions that Trantolo & Trantolo was asking.

What we heard.

With current efforts to redefine the Trantolo & Trantolo brand messaging and key in on imperative value propositions—the end goal was to create a memorable and recognizable brand that prospective clients would remember in the time of need. In order to identify current brand performance and ongoing growth, they needed to track brand awareness over time within the regions of where they offer services.

What we did.

Rebel designed a brand tracker program, an ATU study, and a methodology for ongoing data collection. The primary metrics were awareness, familiarity, favorability, consideration, and usage.

What we delivered.

Rebel delivered baseline metrics of brand performance. The report highlighted market awareness, familiarity, favorability, and consideration for not only the Trantolo brand, but for their top-of-mind competitors in the regions. Recommendations included brand positioning, where to allocate marketing dollars, and things to remember for a communication strategy.

This has been eye-opening, and certain things have reaffirmed what we have known…And in other ways, we’ve learned a lot of great stuff.

Scott Trantolo, CEO

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Authentic B2B Content That Speaks Human

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