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The challenge.

Inspire retirement plan engagement. For plan sponsors, this means creating a stronger level of partnership with advisors. A partnership that moves from merely offering a plan, to evangelizing the power of a retirement plan in the lives of their employees. This may be the goal, but now the question is, how?

What we heard.

In order to inspire plan sponsor engagement and evangelism of workplace retirement plans, we needed to connect the dots between employee retention and retirement readiness. The Global Investment Management Firm was looking for front-line feedback to define a narrative that drives a deeper partnership, inspires more engagement, and helps identify clear opportunities in which services, tools, and information should be offered.

What we did.

With fast sprints on research, we focused on building upon what we already knew—the plan sponsor plays a critical part in educating the plan participant. Through a targeted plan sponsor survey and a review of data collected to date, we focused on what plan sponsors are seeing in today’s market...and what’s missing. We even baked in time for a participant survey and sponsor focus group to go even deeper.

What we delivered.

A branded report full of the data, quotes, and recommendations on what’s next—ready for sharing.

Featured Case Studies