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Oh, how disruptive florists grow.


Bloom Shakalaka changes how people feel flowers. You know, like in their soul. New territory calls for new goals, service ideas, and a thoughtful content strategy. Just add water (and a group of Rebels).

Smiling woman sitting at a desk smiling and talking with bright, pretty flowers, vintage monitor, lamp, and a vintage red phone on the desk.

Insights fresh from the market.


We named the other players in the fresh, funky florist game. Then we identified Bloom Shakalaka’s target customer persona. From there, we honed in on reasons customers reach out and distilled the insights. New services. New content strategy. New territories to scale into. All data-driven. All customer-approved.

Close up of pink Bloom Shakalaka flower arrangement.
Bloom Shakalaka retail shop.
Three flower arrangements form Bloom Shakalaka on pedestals.

The plan to grow, scale, bloom.


Nailing down a roadmap for growth was one thing. The even-more-sticky challenge was: how to scale? Through people: the Bloom Shakalaka executive team and Rebel. Through process: roles needed, org chart, and services. In short, establishing an infrastructure for growth.

Bloom Shakalaka flower arrangement on a desk next to a computer and adding machine.
Person holding red and pink Bloomshakalaka flower arrangement. Bloomshakalaka ivory flower centerpiece arrangement on a table at a dinner party. Bloomshakalaka ivory flower arrangement on a shelf at their retail location. Woman holding Bloomshakalaka flower arrangement in her hands.

What We Did

  1. Delivered insights into the current health of the company

  2. Developed a strategic financial plan

  3. Provided critical feedback for how to achieve next steps

Rebel brings a tangible, refreshing approach to looking at pain points of your company. Working with Rebel allowed us to create a stable business framework, which in return gave us the insight we needed to bloom as a company.

Laura Shannon—Owner

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