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The challenge.

It was time to grow (no pun intended). Bloom had their eyes set on new territories, new goals, new service ideas, and new alignment. Before they could scale to new levels, they needed to define their audience, assess their opportunities, and refine their brand.

What we heard.

The e-commerce and retail combo in flowers made for a sticky question of growth. When people buy flowers—what's the motivation? Online or in-person or delivery—where's the value? And, with their eyes set on growth as they bring on new team members—how do we align the team around one central vision?

What we did.

Competitive and market analysis up first. They say the easiest way to take down your competitors is to know them (actually, we're pretty sure Rebel is the only folks who say that). Following the market analysis, we evaluated existing purchase data and created new personas.

We went even further and partnered with the Bloom executive team, built org charts, and consulted on services, processes, and the infrastructure for growth.

What we delivered.

We delivered a plan for scale—from operations to a strategy for increasing the market share of voice. And we delivered a consistent and rock-solid brand identity—perfectly positioned for growth.

Rebel brings a tangible, refreshing approach to looking at pain points of your company . . . which in return gave us the insight we needed to bloom as a company.

Laura Shannon—Owner
Overview of the Bloom Shakalaka Brand Guide pages.
Logo explorations and brand style board.
Final Bloom Shakalaka logo variations.
Bloom Shakalaka Brand Guide.

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