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Is a picture still worth a thousand words?


In the age of digital everything and phones that can capture everyday moments in photos—how does the world think about photographs? More so, how do consumers use tangible photographs in their spaces?

Fair questions for Kodak Moments, a brand that prints our most memorable moments.

Group of friends taking a selfie.
Parent taking pictures of a newborn on their smart phone.
Parent looking at a babu photo album of their child.

Identifying the Market


Identifying who is printing photos in today's digital age—and all the reasons why—was a critical part of answering the question.

Through a global survey of consumers across seven regions and three languages we identified the segments that are printing photographs.

Polaroids of a young couple traveling and a woman traveling solo.
Map of the the world with regions highlighted.
Asian couple taking in the nostalgia of old photos.

Understanding the Trends


Since the advancement of technology, the world of photography has been a state of continuous evolution.

(Back in the '90s, who would have thought it would be entirely acceptable to use an animal-face filter on a perfect photo, giving everyone spotted dog ears and a flappy tongue?)

With a full-market analysis, we delivered a 360-view of which trends are emerging and how the market is shifting to keep up with those trends.

Mom and young boy smiling and enjoying looking at family photos.
A person using their smart phone to capture and edit photos of their dog.
Young boy takes a selfie with the family dog.
A mom looks back at a family photo album.

"Mom Will Love This"

Convos with Consumers

The best way to understand the emotions that our favorite photos elicit is to talk about them. We sat down with consumers to hear about their favorite photos, the difference between printed photos versus digital photos, and, of course, what they do with all their photos—digital and printed.

The result was an understanding of today's consumer in the world of digital and the multi-faceted and nuanced behaviors that make us wonderfully human.

Grandma looks at old photos smiling fondly.
Young toddler excited and looking at photos splayed around him on the floor.
Woman looks intently at a vacation photo of her and her partner while scrapbooking a photo album.
You never know when a moment will become one of those sentimental moments until it has passed, so I just like to take pictures of everything.” —Focus Group Participant
An elderly woman is fondly looking back at memories past in a collection of photos on the table.
Elderly couple shows a younger photo of them when they first met to the camera.
Grandpa is happy and looking through old photo albums.
Grandma looks at a photo calendar her kids put together and gifted her. Young moan takes a selfie Family vacation photo Two girlfriends are making silly faces in a photo booth


  1. Identified Growth Opportunities

  2. Identified Emerging Market Trends

  3. Defined Key Value Propositions

We've worked with other people, but [Rebel] really understand[s] the audience, our products, and competitors and it comes through loud and clear.

Jennifer Fox, Chief Marketing Officer

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