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Long-term strategy for good.


Qgiv gives people an easier way to give to non-profits. Rebel gave them a long-term pricing strategy and product roadmap to get there. And now it’s simpler than ever for one person to change the world.

Two male runners at a charity race event.
56% of Americans gave to a charitable cause in 2021.

Rolling up our research sleeves.


We got to work. Interviewing. Surveying. Every touchpoint, audited. Each brand experience, tested. When we unrolled our sleeves, we were looking at a new brand position, a new pricing strategy, and a product roadmap for new markets.

Pricing strategy for Qgiv's was informed by competitive and market analyses, all provided by Rebel market research consultants.

Market gaps = opportunity.


First things first, what’s the competition up to? Collaboration with Qgiv painted a picture of the fundraising industry—and how it’s evolving. Market gaps were clear. Even clearer, those gaps were strategic opportunities.

Group of runners running a charity race.

Giving looks good.

Everyday philanthropy is on the rise. 2020 brought with it a new view of what giving means and who’s responsible for creating change in society. The rise of tech and 24/7 availability has created an opportunity for smaller, more frequent gifts built into the everyday life of the donor.

Percent of 35% of Boomers, 74% of Millennials and 48% of Gen Z consider themselves philanthropists.

Intel to insights to action.


What do today’s fundraising teams and donors want? Better yet, what do they need? Focus groups and custom surveys gave us a good idea. And those insights shaped brand differentiators and new product opportunities—the kind that delivers value to the Qgiv audiences.

...I think one of the real challenges is how do we best connect folks to the programs on the work that we do.

Resonating with fundraisers.


We needed to know the questions potential clients have when they find Qgiv. So, we asked them—and they told us. What they value, where they are confused, what's missing, and what hit the mark. When we wrapped the conversation we had a clear brand position and actionable next steps for growth.

Chart showing how the nonprofit's giving ecosystem is crowded.

A fundraising strategy that makes money.


Direct customer research and market analysis paved the way for a new pricing strategy. And Qgiv now has a scalable and profitable packaging strategy that aligns with the needs of their nonprofit clients.

Screenshot of Qgiv’s dashboard, showing breakdown of donations by event.
A woman in glasses looking into the camera.

Putting tech to the test.


We wrangled up new users to test new product features and current product experiences. Out of it, Rebel crafted a product roadmap of features and functionality—for Qgiv to move into new markets to move world changers to do the most good.

Screenshot of Qgiv's implementation on their client's site.
Screenshot of the checkout section of one of Qgiv’s client’s websites.
Screenshot of Qgiv's client's website with the amount of contributions processed.

The research [Rebel] provides is directly from your customer and the strategies they propose will force you to think differently about your offering.

Jessica Cronk—VP Marketing Qgiv

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