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Turning data into doing.


Proof is a data engine that provides complex statistical analysis to today’s marketers. They challenged Rebel to reimagine the data dashboard to be less statistical and more, well, useful.


The proof of Proof’s customer experience.


What do customers think of Proof? How do they use the software? What’s tripping them up? Rebel mapped the current customer journey. With new data in hand, we identified critical interactions within the product experience. And we aligned brand messaging. Hello, holistic brand experience.


Simplifying the complex.


Next up, redesign the Proof product for an exceptional user experience on every screen. Easy, right? Well, the experience should be easy. Getting there took design sprints informed by insights and tag-teaming development to deliver code for the evolved dashboards. On a lightning-fast go-to-market timeline.

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Outcomes Achieved

  1. 5 designed dashboards

  2. 1 digital brand system

  3. 1 partnership with Salesforce

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