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The challenge.

With a new brand tone and established, the client, a global giant, was working to identify clear value proposition statements that resonated with their audience. Faced with doubts about which proposed statements really connected with their target audience, our friends requested a swift market test to identify which statements to keep—and which to discard.

What we heard.

Our friends had a set of proposed value statements, but there was internal doubt about which statement really communicated value to the target audience. Before they could move forward confidently, they needed clarity.

What we did.

Through a quick Max Diff test, the Rebel team tested preferences among their target audience. The entire sprint— from test design to data collection to final delivery—took no more than 10 days.

What we delivered.

We delivered a prioritized list of preferences for the statements tested, along with recommendations on combinations or edits that would yield higher success rates among specific cohorts of the target audience.

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