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Brand Truths

What makes us—and our partners—Rebels.

  1. Off-center. On point.

    Never down the middle. Rarely expected. Always spot on. We tilt perspectives to deliver a clear path forward.

  2. Go slow. Go fast.

    Leave the mentality of “go fast and break things” at the door. Get it right first. Then hit the ground running.

  3. Ask a lot.

    We ask questions. Lots of ‘em. And we think our clients should be asking more from their research and strategy teams.

  4. Unafraid of the uncharted.

    Never been done before? No problem. We’re comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  5. Curiosity moves.

    We’re driven by the pursuit of knowledge, chomping at the bit to find how we can set our clients apart.

  6. Keep it real.

    Empathy is our superpower. We ground our strategies in reality even when we’re shifting it.

A few of our honorary Rebels.

Partners. Allies. Innovators and leaders. These honorary Rebels signed up to challenge convention. Together, we forged new connections with their customers. Now they have pathways to success based on insightful consumer research.

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Close up headshot of market research firm leader and founder, Leah Hacker.

Leah Hacker

Chief Executive Officer

Researcher and strategist at heart. Pragmatic contrarian. Speaker, teacher, and published author. Opinions are usually backed by data. Usually.

Headshot of market research firm employee at Rebel, Wanda.

Wanda Lowery

Chief of Staff

Jack of all trades, master of most. The engine that keeps us running. The glue that keeps us together. In short, our chaos wrangler.

Close up headshot of market research firm chief marketing officer, Meg Welch.

Meg Welch

Chief Marketing Officer

Expert: brand, marketing, customer experiences. Tampa Bay 40 under 40. Masters in Marketing Data & Analytics. Tea-drinker. Hat-wearer. Avid reader and paddleboarder.

On the move and in the news.

We don’t do what we do to get noticed. But if you're not getting noticed, are you doing something worth doing?

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