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It’s not easy being a woman in the culinary industry. It takes perseverance and courage to advance in the competitive world of food. And we celebrate this audacious spirit.

Each year, Rebel identifies a word that symbolizes our expectations for the coming year. The word for 2023 is audaciousto look at the way things have always been done and demand better. And what better way to kick off an audacious year than by featuring a collection of stories of people that embody this spirit? For this year’s Rebel New Year's box, we’ve collaborated with Story Plate to produce Audacious: A Cookbook by Bold & Daring Women. The cookbook features recipes from women in the culinary industry who have defied norms, pushed boundaries, and succeeded in an industry that's dominated by men.

These bold and daring women are chefs, restauranteurs, visionaries, and a source of inspiration to motivate others to achieve audacious goals in 2023.

But first, let's dive into the Rebel New Year's box and our trailblazing partner, Story Plate.

an inside look at the contents of the Rebel Box

What's the New Year's box anyway?

The Rebel New Year’s box is a tradition that started in year one and over the years has taken on an experience of its own. Everything from the packaging to the contents of the box are designed by Rebel team members. The box contents are curated to focus on our word of the year and delivered to our network of partners and friends.

This year, we’ve included the Rebel x Story Plate Audacious Cookbook in our box. We collaborated with Story Plate on this cookbook for two reasons: first, the stories of the women of the culinary industry are remarkable stories of bold moves and resilience. Second, the way Story Plate gives back through the purpose of each recipe told a much larger story of even more audacious moves. We’re here for all of that.

Instead of just packing a box full of brilliant swag (although there's some of that, too), we wanted our 2023 box to symbolize the audacious spirit of our clients and our brand—and the women of the culinary industry featured in this cookbook embody that spirit perfectly.

a look at the cover of the Audacious Cookbook: a Story Plate and Rebel collaboration

How can a cookbook be audacious?

On the surface, a cookbook doesn't seem all that audacious, right?

But, for many of us, cookbooks are more than instructions to make food. They're symbols of treasured memories—baking in the kitchen with our grandmothers, preparing to make a holiday meal for our friends, or trying to make a family recipe as good as our mother's. Cookbooks are stories of people and their shared experiences through food. And our Audacious Cookbook is no different.

It's more than a collection of, albeit delicious, recipes. It's a collection of stories from women in the culinary industry who have defied norms, pushed boundaries, and succeeded in an industry that has been challenging for women.

The low down on women in the culinary industry.

Women make up more than half of graduates from culinary school. Still, studies show that less than 7% of U.S. restaurants are led by women, and women occupy only 6.2% of the head chef positions at prominent U.S. restaurant groups. We'd like to think these numbers should be higher with so many women in the culinary field. But, they're not.

Why aren't women more represented as leaders in the culinary industry?

Industry experts point to the sector's persistent institutional structures that have historically not been beneficial to women. So, it's not hard to believe that to be a female success in the culinary industry, you must be enterprising and a little audacious to overcome the odds.

The Audacious Cookbook highlights a few incredibly talented and skilled female chefs who have audaciously achieved new heights in their field. But let's face it, we wouldn't get a taste of these recipes or stories without Story Plate.

Nite Yun, Nyum Bai Founder

What is Story Plate?

Story Plate is a woman-owned and female-first, recipe-sharing platform for good. It's a place where female chefs and restauranteurs can tell their stories and share their recipes, empowering women in the culinary industry and inspiring women in all fields to pursue their dreams—equally important is the charitable aspect of the platform.

The Story Behind Story Plate

Story Plate was created during the pandemic as a way to help small businesses during a crisis. Founder and Rebel team member Fiona Chan, a self-proclaimed foodie, knew many women in the restaurant industry who were hurt by the closures, and she wanted to do something to help. Chan reflects, "My heart sank as I thought of all these people who often survive on a week-to-week basis, and then I thought of their families. Growing up, my parents operated a small eatery of their own, so I understood just how devastating these tough times could be."

And so, Story Plate was born.

Fiona Chan, Story Plate Founder

Female-Focused Food Stories

While Story Plate could've expanded to chefs, and restaurant entrepreneurs across the board, it was essential to Chan that the focus of Story Plate be on female culinary leaders. This passion was rooted in her own experience as a woman in business. As she explains:

I wanted to support other girl bosses by creating a female-first platform. Story Plate puts the spotlight on female chefs, restaurateurs, and mixologists in a relatively speaking male-dominated industry.

Since its inception, women across the nation have shared their stories and mouthwatering meals on Story Plate. Such as Nyum Bai, founder of San Francisco Bay's Nite Yun, who had one clear vision in mind: to persevere and share Cambodian culture through food.

Or women like Bettina Rouas, whose deep roots in hospitality led to a passion for regional French cuisine and a desire to bring it home to the U.S. This desire manifested in her restaurant, Angèle Restaurant and Bar in Napa Valley.

Thanks to their fearless food ambitions, these women have defied expectations and succeeded in a highly competitive industry. And through Story Plate, they can share their experiences, inspire others, and reveal their favorite recipes.

Speaking of recipes, here's the special part you need to know about Story Plate. While the recipes are good—they also do good.

Recipes for Charity

Some say food is the best medicine—it heals the soul. At Story Plate, they wholeheartedly agree. That's why for every recipe that's downloaded on Story Plate, a donation is made to the Culinary Contributor's charity of choice. Chan explains:

We're choosing to highlight these women's stories, share their recipes, and simultaneously make a difference in our communities by donating to the causes that these women care about.

The unique intertwining of women, food, and compassion has never been more evident than it is on Story Plate, and at Rebel, we're proud to partner with Story Plate for the Audacious Cookbook.

a look at the inside of the Audacious Cookbook

Next Steps for an Audacious 2023

We don't know what the year holds. But, for Rebel, we're moving forward audaciously, ready to take on whatever comes next. The word gives a nod to who we are and what we bring to the market. This year, we're leaning even further into our roots and favoring bold growth.

For our partners, the word is a reminder that the status quo will not move the needle forward. The seemingly impossible, the complex, and the uncharted require a willingness to be bold.

So, if you're looking for a place to find delicious recipes for the new year and women that inspire you to be bold, audacious, and reach greater heights, look no further than Story Plate.

Head on over to Story Plate and get cooking.