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Prized for their unique ability to sway parents with their relatable stories and authentic content, momfluencers and mommy bloggers are a growing force in marketing.

But, what is so special about momfluencers, and better yet, should your brand invest in a partnership with one? Hold onto your diaper bag, (sorry we couldn’t help it), and let's explore the power of momfluencers and their effect on digital marketing.

Mommy Dearest Brings In The Dollars

Who are "momfluencers"? Momfluencers (short for “mom” “influencers”) are a strong force within the booming influencer marketing industry. Numbering in the millions, momfluencers and mommy bloggers are women who have built up a large following on social media by sharing their experiences as mothers. Whether through blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, or Instagram posts, momfluencers have a unique ability to connect with other parents and influence their purchasing decisions.

What Sets Momfluencers Apart From Traditional Influencers?

Influencer marketing is estimated to be a $16.4 billion industry in 2022 (up from $13.8 billion in 2021)—every niche and industry has an influencer with a following. And, at first glance, momfluencers may seem like your average social media influencer. However, upon closer inspection, there are several key ways momfluencers and mom bloggers differ from other types of influencers.

Influencer marketing is estimated to be a $16.4 billion industry in 2022

Family Life Is Front & Center

In a world where parents are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, momfluencers provide a relatable approach to family life, problems, and struggles. In many ways, momfluencers and mommy bloggers are the go-to experts for parenting advice. And it shows in their content.

Mommy bloggers and momfluencers are typically women who have built up a large following on social media by sharing content related to motherhood and raising kids. They use their platform to provide parenting advice, support, and camaraderie to other moms. Their social media feeds are full of heartwarming stories and photos of their family, and relatable advice, recommendations, and parenting “hacks.”

In addition to sharing personal stories and tips, many momfluencers also collaborate with brands to promote products that they believe in, especially ones that appeal to families and moms. Popular brands that partner with mommy bloggers include family-oriented brands like Huggies, Target, Old Navy, and Pampers. Over the past decade, Target leads the way in engaging mom bloggers in their product strategy efforts.

Target Invests In the Power of Momfluencers

Moms love Target, and Target loves working with mom bloggers.

Target knows its typical shopper —suburban moms. Recognizing the power blogs and user-generated content have on online purchasing decisions, Target seeks out momfluencers and collaborates with them to launch new family-centered products.

When Target launched their "Threshold Collection" in 2013, they partnered with several mom bloggers who specialized in home decor. These bloggers received items from Target's new collection and blogged about how the product fits their lifestyle.

Then, in 2017, Target launched the "Persil at Target" campaign collaborating with mom influencers to promote Persil laundry detergent. Momfluenceres on Instagram spread the news of this new product through engaging posts and strategic hashtag placements alongside simultaneous blog articles. What were the results? The campaign garnered 14,000 likes and 1,000 comments through 20 highly targeted posts.

Target demonstrates that there isn't a single way of doing a successful brand partnership with momfluencer. Whether it's a few target mommy bloggers for reviews or a full campaign, Target continues to invest in the engaging power of motherhood and influencer marketing.

Momfluencer and child doing a selfie and smiling

Why Are The Benefits Momfluencers Bring To Brands?

90% of consumers say that authenticity matters when it comes to choosing a brand or product to purchase. Momfluencers lead the way when it comes to authenticity (they’re not afraid to get personal). From TikTok videos inside their homes at dinnertime (which can get a bit crazy with multiple kids) or Instagram photos during the birth of their children—the intimacy of this content lends an element of authenticity that is often lacking in other types of influencer marketing. This leads to a few ways momfluencers help companies reach new audiences.

01—Momfluencers can sell without being salesy

Moms have been selling products for decades. From Tupperware parties to the Avon lady, moms know how to reach into your heart (and your wallet) to thoughtfully sell you the product they believe in. And ultimately, moms trust them for it.

In fact, recent studies show that forty-six percent of millennial moms and thirty-nine percent of generation X moms trust the recommendations of other parents. Mom's suggestion can sometimes be more powerful than a campaign or marketing promotion. But why?

A mom influencer and mom blogger have a deep connection to their audience because they have something that bonds them—motherhood. This connection allows momfluencers to effectively promote products and services without coming across as salesy or inauthentic. As a result, momfluencers are an increasingly popular choice for brands looking to reach parents.

02—Momfluencers have a pre-existing, engaged audience

Curating an audience can be challenging to come by organically. One of the benefits of working with a momfluencer is that they already have a highly engaged audience from the get-go. Influencers have anywhere from 1,000 to over a million followers—that's a lot of eyes on your brand.

Mom bloggers have built up trust with their followers over time and their followers know, like, and trust them, so they're more likely to take notice when a momfluencer posts about a brand or product. And because momfluencers are often seen as relatable "real moms," their endorsements come across as more authentic than those of celebrities or influencers who seem out of touch.

Additionally, momfluencers usually have very targeted audiences. For example, if you're looking to reach moms of infants, you can find momfluencers who specialize in that niche. This ensures that your message is being put in front of the right audience, which can improve your chances of conversions.

Mom holding baby and watching momfluencers on laptop in the kitchen while her young daughter is perched up on a chair washing her hands at the sink

03—Momfluencers can be quick and flexible when launching a promotion

No more waiting on corporate red tape before a launch. When you work with a momfluencer, they can get the word out about your product or service immediately with a post online.

Because mommy bloggers run a smaller business enterprise, developing a partnership with them can be easier than working with a celebrity or corporate sponsorship. They can be flexible and are often more interested in working with brands they genuinely like and can recommend to their followers. Companies like Huggies have seen the speed with which mom bloggers can get the word out about a new product.

Huggies Launches Little Movers With Help From Moms

When Huggies introduced their Little Movers diaper line, they wanted to quickly get them into customers' hands. And, there was no better way to deliver the product directly to moms than through momfluencers and their own little "movers." Huggies worked with influencer marketing firm IZEA to send out packages of Little Movers diapers to pre-selected mommy bloggers. The bloggers provided online reviews, shared coupons, and featured a chance for their readers to enter to win prizes from Huggies. The campaign quickly got the word out about Little Movers and successfully engaged an audience of moms who were already excited about new diapers.

How To Find And Work With Momfluencers

Momfluencers and mom bloggers can be powerful tools for branding and marketing. But how do you find momfluencers, and how do you work with them?

First of all, it's important to define your goals. What are your plans for working with momfluencers? Once you know this, you can start to search for momfluencers who align with your brand. Find momfluencers and mommy bloggers who have a large following and produce high-quality content. Additionally, make sure that the momfluencer you're considering is someone you can trust and who is the right fit for your brand.

Next Steps To Partnership

Is your brand looking to tap into the parenting demographic? Do your products resonate with moms? Maybe it's time to work with a mommy blogger or momfluencer to reach a wider audience. Start with a brand audit to ensure your message and voice are consistent as a company. Next, research momfluencers whose audiences and content align with your brand and see if they're interested in partnering on a campaign. Ultimately, momfluencers can be a valuable asset to reach new audiences, but only if you take the time to build a strong partnership with them.

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