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We didn't set out to write a trend report on women and finances. However, when the data came back, it was clear there was a much larger story to be told here.

During the production of this report, the SCOTUS overruling Roe v Wade was announced. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, this is a crucial time for women in America.

It’s impossible to talk about the financial lives of women and not acknowledge the impact that the access (or lack thereof) to reproductive healthcare has on the trajectory of their lives. Financial education and tools, equal opportunity for professional advancement, and the ability to choose when to become a parent, all work together to enable women to advance their station in life. Oftentimes, financial stability is a critical determinant between those who have many options and those who have little to none.

We recognize this report focuses specifically on the financial lives of women, no doubt a critical part of the conversation. However, we humbly acknowledge it is only one consideration among many for today’s women. There’s more work to be done. The report highlights a few key ways that the financial industry can better serve women by creating a more inclusive industry. Acknowledging how far women have come is empowering, and recognizing how far we have left to go is emboldening.

There’s no better time than now to challenge the status quo.

Speaking to Men Vs Women About Finances

Key Recommendations

  1. Change the tone to empowerment and freedom

  2. Empower women to talk about finances

  3. Engage them earlier in their financial journey

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How do we build a more inclusive financial system?

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