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At Rebel, we seek to inspire human connection and empower change with our work.

In our work, we ask big questions, like: “If leaders truly understood the people they were serving—how much closer to progress would we get?”

The same question we apply to businesses and their audiences, we could apply to the systems we live in. The conversations we find ourselves having within our own communities are hard, complex, and not always clear. Research has the unique ability to cut through high-octane conversations that are steeped in assumptions and create clarity, challenge stereotypes, and question widely held assumptions.

If leaders truly understood the people they were serving—how much closer to progress would we get?

Leah Hacker, Rebel CEO

What is ROAR?

ROAR is a Rebel publication that is focused on using data, insights, and storytelling to challenge how we think about social issues, stereotypes, and tough subjects in our culture. We aim to introduce new mediums, platforms, and ways to tell our stories as we grow.

What types of social issues will ROAR feature?

Because culture is ever-evolving, the issues we take on will be too. We're focused on featuring topics that are wrapped in assumptions, defined by stereotypes, and difficult for humans to see clearly. For now, we'll focus on a couple of big topics a year and grow from there. Humans are complex, and life is crazy, we trust there will never be a shortage of social issues in the world to take on.

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What can you expect to see on the ROAR page?

Our goal with ROAR is to help create clarity and empathy around social issues—two things that are essential for empowering action and supporting progress. We’ll look at all sides of an issue, bringing the perspectives and experiences of real people front and center. We can't promise that you'll agree with everything we create (that's not our goal)—but we can promise that we'll ask you to hold space for opposing views.

ROAR will also include

  • Stories from real people—We'll showcase the voices of people from all walks of life—on all sides of issues—those with varying perspectives.

  • Data-driven insights—We aren't pulling from our bank of opinions. The stories we present to you will be backed by data. It's your job to decide what to think moving forward.

  • Findings that are accessible—Our goal is to be straightforward with our data. No academic speak and no overly complex theory. We'll compile our information into mediums that are both insightful and accessible to a broad audience.

  • Insights worth sharing—We want you to share our findings, have conversations, and inspire change in your corner of the world. So, we'll make our insights, reports, and stories easy to share on your channels.

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Why Should You Trust Our Data?

Rebel is an independent agency. We aren't owned by anyone with legislative power, celebrity status, or big corporate. The ROAR initiatives aren't commissioned by or supported by an outside brand. This is a Rebel initiative, driven by the Rebel team.

Our methodology is simple: we use a mix of primary and secondary research with representative populations to ensure we're talking to the people closest to the topic.

Let's go.

We acknowledge that change of any kind is hard. It's messy. It’s uncharted. But clarity makes the hard—less hard, and empathy makes the messy more manageable. Our goal is to inspire human connection and empower change through data and stories to create clarity and empathy on issues that, quite frankly—no one wants to talk about. We're putting our expertise to work to challenge the status quo and demand more. Together, we’ll move the needle about social issues in the world so we can do the most good.

Are you coming?

The truth is like a lion—you don't have to defend it. Let it loose, and it will defend itself.

St. Augustine

We're just getting started.

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