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Two young women sitting outside, collaborating on a brand strategy.

What is Brand Strategy?

Here's the deal.

A brand strategy is the strategic positioning of your brand's purpose, mission, visual identity, and experience. A brand strategy firm brings those elements to life through brand design–creating assets for your brand.

Why do you need a Brand Strategy Firm?

Why don't you is a better question.

The inner workings of your brand are what differentiates your company from the competition. As companies grow, create new offerings, acquire new assets, scale to new territories, evolve their services, or begin to shift their positioning, it is essential to define the brand strategy. A brand strategy firm will dive deep into the competition and the customer journey to identify a holistic brand strategy that meets the needs of your customers—delivering upon your brand values at every customer touchpoint.

The Rebel Way.

A good brand strategy firm begins with understanding why a brand exists in the first place and where it’s headed. From there, we architect the brand's visual identity and positioning. Then, we design the brand and deliver a brand guideline to direct future iterations of the brand.

Brand strategy meeting between two coworkers in a conference room.
two female consumers deciding between different brands

The Skinny

If you're asking these types of questions, it may be time to hire a Brand Strategy firm.

  1. How do we deliver consistency across all of our touchpoints?

  2. How do we continue to push our brand forward while staying true to who we are?

Brand Strategy Examples

Projects that utilized Brand Strategy as a part of their scope.

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