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Woman working on a competitive market analysis on her computer.

What is a Competitive Market Analysis?


A Competitive Market Analysis is an evaluation of current competitive landscapes by researching different competitive strategies and examining different market opportunities.

Why do you need a Competitive Market Analysis?


You need a Competitive Market Analysis regularly to stay abreast of market shifts, new trends, and new emerging competitors in the market. It can happen at any point in the business lifecycle but is especially important at a point of change. For example, you may find yourself up against tough competition, and one solution is to identify a point of distinction to stand out above the rest.

The Rebel Way.

A Competitive Market Analysis at Rebel includes the following:

  • Primary competitors

  • Secondary competitors

  • Tangential competitors (outside of your current industry)

  • Dead product audit

  • Market/Industry trends

  • Opportunities

woman being surveyed for a competitive market analysis
people conducting a focus group

The Skinny

If you're asking these types of questions, it may be time for a Competitive Market Analysis.

  1. How do we differentiate and get ahead of market forces?

  2. How do we position our brand in the market?

  3. Where is the white space in the market?

  4. Where is the largest market share opportunity?

Competitive Market Analysis Examples

Projects that utilized a Competitive Market Analysis as a part of their scope.

Featured Case Studies

  • Evolving Customer Experiences
  • Pricing & Growth Strategies

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