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What is Consumer Sentiment?

Let's talk about feelings.

Consumer Sentiment and Perception Studies evaluate your customer's perceptions and feelings about your brand, service, product, value proposition, content, and marketing. Really, this is the study that tells us if your brand is resonating and, if not––why.

Why do you need a Consumer Sentiment Study?

Give the people what they want.

Businesses can use the results of Consumer Sentiment analysis to shape their sales and marketing plans and improve brand strength. Understanding your clients' emotions and expectations can be the key to retaining customers––having them share both positive and negative experiences is useful intel to help an organization evolve.

The Rebel Way.

Rebel approaches Consumer Sentiment and Perception Studies by evaluating all the ways your customer can interact with your brand:

  • Sentiment and perception survey to customer base - current, lapsed, and potential
  • Brand touchpoint audit - social media performance, client reviews, content performance, etc.
Happy customer holding an ice cream cone and smiling.
Woman with pen in her hand looking at the camera with neutral expression.

The Skinny

If you're asking these types of questions, it may be time for a Consumer Sentiment Study.

  1. Is our brand resonating with our customers?

  2. We’re getting ready to scale, will our brand resonate with customers?

Consumer Sentiment Study Examples

Projects that utilized a Consumer Sentiment study as a part of their scope.

Featured Case Studies

  • Evolving Customer Experiences
  • Pricing & Growth Strategies

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