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What is a Content Marketing Strategy?


A Content Marketing Strategy is a plan that aligns content and brand communication to the customer experience. Each touchpoint that you create should align with the customer journey—from the first discovery to nurturing a long-term relationship. A strong Content Marketing Strategy should communicate your brand value across channels and encompass a plan to design and share that content.

Why do you need a Content Marketing Strategy?


Every company needs a Content Marketing Strategy. It’s most useful when embarking into uncharted or new audiences, when you are building or re-launching an existing product or service, or you’re looking to refine the sales pipeline. It should resonate with the right audience at the right time—a holistic content and campaign strategy does just that.

The Rebel Way.

Rebel takes on the exercise of a Content Marketing Strategy and design very pragmatically. We start by mapping the customer journey and understanding where they get hung up. This can be done through interviews, surveys, or evaluations of current interactions. Your Content Marketing Strategy should answer the questions your customers are asking to create opportunities at each interaction with your brand.

  • Map the customer journey

  • Identify key questions the customer has at every interaction and what type of content will answer their question

  • Create a roadmap for content creation

  • Write copy, design, measure, iterate, repeat

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The Skinny

If you're asking these types of questions, it may be time for a Content Marketing Strategy.

  1. How do we deliver consistency across all of our touchpoints?

  2. How do we reach and connect with different audiences?

  3. How can content best support sales efforts? 

  4. How do we differentiate our brand voice across channels? 

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