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Digital product strategy working session with two employees working on wireframes

What is a Digital Product Strategy?

Here's the deal.

A Digital Product Strategy is a roadmap and feature priority list for a digital product experience, including product features, functionality, user stories, architecture, and prototypes.

Why do you need a Digital Product Strategy?

Why don't you is a better question.

A Digitial Product Strategy will help you create and/or improve the overall user experience. A better experience means happy users—and happy users generally like to stick around longer.

The Rebel Way.

Rebel tackles Digital Product Strategy through:

  • Perception & Sentiment Studies with your target audience
  • User Interviews
  • High-Fidelity Prototyping
  • Product Testing
  • UX/UX Design
  • Roadmap Creation
Two women looking at a cell phone app together
Asian woman participating in a website user test as part of a digital product strategy

The Skinny

If you're asking these types of questions, it may be time for a Digital Product Strategy.

  1. What is the priority of product growth?

  2. How do we scale our product?

Digital Product Strategy Examples

Projects that utilized a Digital Product Strategy as a part of their scope.

Featured Case Studies

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