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What is Pricing Strategy Consulting?

Here's the deal.

Pricing Strategy Consulting is the process of conducting independent, unbiased pricing studies, usually through a third party firm, to uncover what price customers are willing to pay for a particular product or service, how much is too high, and what is considered too low?

Why do you need Pricing Strategy Consulting?

Go slow to go fast.

You'll need Pricing Strategy Consulting when pricing a product or service––whether it’s a new product or service that’s never been priced before. Or, if you’re looking to evaluate whether the current prices of your brand’s goods or services are comparable on the market, pricing studies can provide the insights.

The Rebel Way.

Pricing Strategy Consulting with Rebel begins with an audit of market pricing among competitors combined with a customer survey on pricing and value. We’ll map the perceived value of the product with the appropriate price range.

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The Skinny

If you're asking these types of questions, you may need Pricing Strategy Consulting.

  1. What is the market-appropriate price for our services?

  2. How can we raise our prices?

  3. What is the highest acceptable price we can garner?

Pricing Strategy Consulting Examples

Projects that utilized Pricing Strategy Consulting.

Featured Case Studies

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