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What is a Segmentation Study?

Here's the deal.

A Segmentation Study helps brands identify the subgroups of the population that are ideal target audiences and where the most opportunity for growth exists for their products or services.

Why do you need a Segmentation Study?

Why don't you is a better question.

A Segmentation Study can create clarity on who your target audience is and takes the guesswork out of hunting for opportunity in the market.

Segmentation should be done regularly as part of a healthy brand practice. More urgently, segmentation should be part of the initial discovery of new opportunities and growth potential.

The Rebel Way.

Rebel tackles Segmentation Studies through surveying—

  • Market recruited samples based on target audience criteria
  • Customer-recruited samples—current, lapsed, and potential
  • One-on-one interviews or focus groups with the target audience and/or customers
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Segmentation study analysis in progress among coworkers in a conference room

The Skinny

To to do it right, we have to get up close and personal with your target audience. Our goal is to understand which groups of people are your target audience, where in the market is the most opportunity for growth, and what your target audience needs to find your product or service valuable. If you're asking these types of questions, you may need a Segmentation Study.

  1. Who is our customer and what do they need?

  2. What populations can we feasibly expand to?

  3. Where are the product opportunities in the market?

  4. How do we better direct our marketing efforts?

Segmentation Study Examples

Projects that utilized segmentation studies as a part of their scope.

Featured Case Studies

  • Evolving Customer Experiences
  • Pricing & Growth Strategies

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