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Hi friends! We've made it to the new year.

You’re here because you are curious. We dig that. So if this is your first time joining us for a new year, here’s a quick review—each year, we choose a word to serve as our internal mini-mission statement for the next 12 months.

Cool, right? We think so.

2023 was the year of AUDACIOUS. So, how did our Audacious year look? Glad you asked.

A collection of cadid shots of team members at Rebel.

Strike a balance.

First things first—We had fun. As a remote team, culture is something we create intentionally. So, gif wars were waged, Spotify playlists were assembled, and Rebel emojis were created. Ya, we invented our own set of emojis…

Gif of Ron Swanson and Spotify Playlist Album.
We may be miles apart, but we always work together as one to achieve our project goals and have fun along the way.
72% of women report they were somewhat to not at all comfortable managing money. Photo of The X Factor trend report. 40% report that time constraints get in the way of exercising consistently. 97% report that their understanding of money has improved since using technology.

Get into good trouble.

The research team led the way in troublemaking this year. With research reports that challenged what we thought about money, gender, and health.

Want more reports? Head over to our Resources page to download till your heart's content.

Photo of Lucas Elliott with a fun doodle of a pencil in his ear.

“Research at Rebel is deeply rooted in authenticity. Coming from an academic background, I love that we dig into psychological and behavioral factors that impact real change and deliver real value. It’s a game-changer.”—Dr. E, Head of Research

Respect the work.

The design & marketing teams took home the gold this year. No, really. They did.

Showcase of award-winning work by Rebel
  • Rebel Website Gold ADDY & BENNY Award
  • I'm Speaking—Women on the Topic of Dobbs Research Report Gold ADDY & BENNY Award
  • Rebel Rebrand Launch Gold ADDY Award
Terisa Brenna with a fun doodle of a unicorn horn on the top of her head.

"It is a huge passion to flex the Rebel brand and really showcase how we tell meaningful stories with data." —Terisa, Lead Visual Designer

Hayley Bennett with a fun doodle of a crown on top of her head.

And, we launched a financial newsletter—Money Stories.

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

“Money Stories is great for anyone like me who respects the human side of financial research but suffers from a lack of attention span. What’s inside the newsletter?...My food delivery is here.”—Hayley, Digital Marketing Manager

Work for the greater good.

And, we all know and love our ops team leads who keep us all moving to the goal line.

  • 50 Asana boards spun up
  • 5,578 tasks completed
  • 653 tasks completed in Nov, making it our busiest month
  • 10 lbs of gummy worms eaten
  • 83 hours spent on culture initiatives
  • 1,200 hours of research
McKara and Alisa with fun doodles overlaying their features.
Working with people who are really good at what they do makes moving the needle easier—and more fun.

Employees of the Year...

Of course, we wouldn't be the same without our hardest workers helping out behind the scenes.

The pets that enrich the lives of Rebel team members.
Leah Hacker with a fun doodle of devil horns on top of her head.

A letter from Leah.

As we close out 2023, our fourth year as a company, the momentum around the Rebel offices is palpable. You can guarantee a Rebel playlist is bopping in the background and someone has sticky notes plastered on the wall.

In some ways, this year delivered far more than I expected and in ways I never saw coming. And in others, this year has been a season of stops and starts that have required a focused stare on the future.

They say that year four in business growth is one of the most difficult. It is usually the year in which the business evolves from being a “start-up” to being a business. Often, the skills that it takes to create the business are different than the skills that sustain the business. And it’s usually the year in which pivots begin to emerge.

I can say I feel all of that in my soul.

We’re ending this year with the right people in the right seats—and that’s exciting. I’m most proud of the Rebel team. They are incredible.

We’ve welcomed new, bold clients to our list of Rebels—and that’s a lot of fun.

We’ve doubled down on our focus on studying people and money—how they think about it, feel about it, and what they do with it—and that’s super powerful.

We hope your 2023 was audacious in all the best ways possible. Thanks for spending some of your time with us. We really liked hanging out with you.

Here’s to 2024 and all the adventures the word no will bring. Stay tuned…

Talk soon,

Signed initial L.