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The challenge.

With key acquisitions under their belt and more ahead, it was essential for LINQ to begin to think through a unifying brand message and a brand architecture that will grow as they do. They reached out to Rebel to create a branded house from disparate companies.

What we heard.

Every brand acquisition LINQ made had unique strengths. How do we develop a brand architecture that accounts for those strengths while leaving room for future acquisitions? The answer is—well, very carefully.

What we did.

The Rebel team started with a comprehensive audit of each individual brand portfolio as well as the brand messaging used to reach their target audiences. Then we took what worked and reimagined what no longer served the overall vision. Once the brand architecture was developed, brand messaging was brought to life.

What we delivered.

A robust new brand architecture to grow within, a brand messaging framework, and new sales collateral. Plus—a new, empowering rally cry video for internal teams to showcase the vision of a new branded house.

They had a commitment to the vision from start to finish. When I saw the final product, I almost cried. It was incredible to see it come to life—everything I had imagined.

VP of Marketing
Brand messaging deliverable for Linq from Rebel.
Branding elements from Linq brand messaging deliverable.
Excerpt from Linq brand messaging deliverable showing brand pillars.
Brand Guidelines cover image from Rebel brand messaging deliverable.

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