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Brand Messaging: the foundation of a branded house.


In 2020, LINQ was acquiring brands left and right with more acquisitions on the horizon. Knowing the importance of brand messaging, they reached out to Rebel with a challenge: to create a branded house from disparate companies instead of a house of brands.

Image of a woman in an office working on her computer.
The goal of brand messaging is to be easily implemented and totally integrated into the brand’s communications.

Learning as much as possible.


Every brand acquisition LINQ made had strengths. How do we develop a brand architecture that accounts for those strengths while leaving room for future acquisition? The answer is, well, very carefully. The Rebel team dug in deep, auditing each brand portfolio as well as the brand messaging used to reach their target audiences.

Brand Guidelines cover image from Rebel brand messaging deliverable.
School children sitting in a circle and laughing.
Brand messaging deliverable for Linq from Rebel.
Excerpt from Linq brand messaging deliverable showing brand pillars.
Image of a chef in a kitchen preparing food.
Branding elements from Linq brand messaging deliverable.
Linq website showcasing their new brand messaging.

Telling a compelling story.


Once the brand architecture was developed, it was time for storytime. Gather round, front-line educators and back-office warriors, for a strong brand narrative weaving together empowering and nurturing brand messaging.

Man in an office reaching across a desk.
At Rebel, our job is to make yours less complicated.

They had a commitment to the vision from start to finish. When I saw the final product, I almost cried. It was incredible to see it come to life—everything I had imagined.

VP of Marketing

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