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Trend Report—Perceptions of Retirement Readiness

It’s fact, and most reports out there confirm it––America is in a retirement crisis. Eighty-seven percent of Americans worry about retirement. With depleting social security, people living longer, and individuals facing retirement with inadequate savings, the subject of retirement readiness is one that has far-reaching implications. So how can we help people get back on track with their retirement goals?

Being “on track” for retirement savings means different things depending on what life stage a person is in. For many Americans, the prospect of ever retiring is looking further and further away, with 36% saying that they may never have enough money to be able to retire. The retirement savings gap—i.e., the difference between what retirement savers need and what they have accumulated—is now approaching an estimated $4 trillion, made worse by recent economic shocks. Additionally, on top of challenges already looming large before 2020, the pandemic set retirement savers back, especially younger workers.

Rebel spoke to Americans across the country in different life stages and income groups to uncover retirement industry trends to shed light on how the financial industry should address less-than-ideal retirement saving behaviors.

Biggest Financial Stressor and Biggest Financial Priority
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Retirement Industry Insights

  1. 64% of those who are “not even close” to being on track with retirement savings and save less than 2% of their income

  2. 66% of those who are ahead of their retirement savings goal save 8% or more of their pay

  3. Only 17% of adults have made saving for retirement their top-financial priority

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