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Rebel Trend Report–The Customer Journey Through the Finance Industry

Everyone has their own needs, expectations, use-cases, goals, and constraints when it comes to how they spend money. Understanding the customer journey through personal finances enables the finance industry to solve the friction in their customer’s experiences, alleviate access hurdles, and create more equitable products, services, and tools. The reality is, if we’re going to move the needle forward, the work should begin with understanding the audience we’re creating for.

Female nurse looking happy and confident smiling with eyes closed Mother sitting on the couch browsing on her phone while her teenage daughter is resting in her lap 72% think personalization of financial services is highly-important

Key Actions

  1. Create a customer journey map. Then create solutions that solve for friction.

  2. Combine digital self-serve solutions and human advice.

  3. Leverage personalization and digital transformation to scale.

Get more insights into customer journeys in money

Customer Journey in Money

Looking for insights into how customers navigate the finance industry? Download our Customer Journey in Money trend report to learn more.

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