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The challenge.

With a determined and bold vision to create a reputation of excellence, Simpatica is on a mission to grow California’s best avocados. On a precipice of growth, with an inclusive and artistic vision that communicates a passion for family and land alike, it was time to start taking the first steps into the next phase of evolution.

What we heard.

In order to achieve the long-term vision for Simpatica, there were pressing business initiatives and fundraising efforts that needed to be achieved. The biggest pressure point was having a brand and website in place to capture the attention of investors and communicate real value quickly.

What we did.

We rolled up our sleeves and moved through a brand audit. Our team worked closely with the Simpatica executive team to craft investor materials that clearly communicated business value and told the story of where Simpatica has been and where they are going next.

What we delivered.

Rebel delivered a new brand identity, including core brand assets—a refined logo, primary and secondary brand colors, illustrations, fonts, and photography guidelines. The new identity was implemented into a new website, investor materials, and long-term strategic priorities that conveyed Simpatica’s story and mission to future partners—providing a baseline for future brand growth.

Farming today takes more than just a skill. In working with Rebel, they helped us capture and bare our soul.

Scott Bauwens, CEO, Simpatica
Simpatica: brand logos, colors, illustrations and other elements of the brand identity
Simpatica: brand color library
Simpatica website screenshots
Simpatica's website screenshots
Simpatica's website screenshots
Simpatica: Selections of slides from the pitch deck produced

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