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The challenge.

New service packages. New price points. That’s what Camp Gladiator needed. What type of packages do people find most valuable? And what was an appropriate price point for that value? All great questions that needed answers.

What we heard.

In 2019, Camp Gladiator was rolling out new service packages in new markets and needed to understand customers' perceptions of price and value.

What we did.

Rebel used a mix of pricing studies and focus group conversations with prospective, lapsed, and current Camp Gladiator customers to identify customer value perceptions and understand the pricing thresholds.

What we delivered.

Rebel identified which price point combined with which package delivered the most profitable growth for Camp Gladiator and the most value for Campers.

On two different pricing studies, they were able to work with our quick timelines and deliver results.

Camp Gladiator Marketing Executive

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From Persona Exploration to Campaign Ideation

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