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The challenge.

The fundraising industry is constantly evolving, which presents strategic opportunities for Qgiv. How can we develop a long-term strategy that makes it easy for more people to change the world?

What we heard.

The market is moving fast. Questions about which tech trends in philanthropy matter most for differentiation, product roadmap, and scalable pricing strategies were top of mind. But, whatever the answer—it needed to be differentiated, scalable, and clear.

What we did.

Three-phase approach. Phase 1, competitive and market analysis on the world of giving trends. In phase 2, audience segmentation and pricing analysis, we dug into the needs of the nonprofit, how donation managers are managing fundraising, and which pain points they need to have solved. Phase 3, was a user testing sprint and product roadmap creation. We tested features and functionality and provided recommendations for future product growth.

What we delivered.

Three robust reports with recommendations and market insights. A product roadmap and executive playbook with options to move forward in both product and service. A pricing strategy that provided a framework for future growth and recommendations on how to communicate product packages to future buyers.

“We were able to make pricing changes and have a few future paths to consider with the product. Plus, it pulled everyone's head out of the day-to-day and got us to focus on the future.”

Todd Baylis, CEO, Qgiv

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