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The challenge.

Retirement is a personalized experience. Shouldn’t saving for it be too? For our partners, a Global Investment Management Firm, they intended to find out. We know that people think about retirement differently. What we don’t know is—does offering a managed account for retirement drive participant engagement and saving behaviors?

What we heard.

How do we talk about a managed account service? What content is needed to drive engagement, and how frequently should we deliver it?

What we did.

We conducted a survey, interviews, competitor analysis, and a robust round of content testing to find out what moves the needle when it comes to engagement.

What we delivered.

Personas, customer journey map for both plan sponsors and participants, content strategy, and go-to-market strategy for launching the managed account offering. Plus, the recommendations from this body of work will provide context for the in-product and in-service experience moving forward.

Featured Case Studies