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Steering in-house brand marketing strategists.


Tecovas has brand marketing strategy boots on the ground. They wanted to extend ‘em. So we created a mentorship program covering customer research and applying insights to their customer experience. Saddle up.


Kicking it with the Tecovas team.


Led by Tecovas brand market strategy team, shepherded by Rebel—we started with work sessions, once a week. Topics focused on people: everything from how to build personas to customer journey mapping. Team work. Dream work.


Playing well with others.


The largest initiative we took on together was a comprehensive segmentation study of the Tecovas customer journey and new audiences to consider. Led by Tecovas brand marketing strategy. Shepherded by Rebel. Teamwork, dream work, etc.


The Tecovas woman.


Who is she? And how do Tecovas brand traits translate to her? We discovered and uncovered potential positioning for the Tecovas woman. Which led to campaign ideation and a thoughtful brand marketing strategy to reach her. To get there, we created a playlist to get us into the headspace. You know, whistle while you work and all.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.


Who is buying what?


The Tecovas brand marketing strategy team was curious—who is buying what products? Staring down a new line launch, we roped in shopping behaviors and customer preferences. The result: a massive study chock full of data to inform product development and design.


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Bloom Shakalaka

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